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I am a small batch artist based in Manchester, England. 
I make mixed media embroidery art using materials such as; beads, sequins, watercolour and repurposed jewellery. I also use traditional embroidery techniques. 
The jewellery elements I use are taken from broken pieces heading for landfill. I source these from second-hand shops and people who kindly donate their unwanted jewellery to me. 

Any animal speciments or bones I use are ethically and sustainably sources by UK taxidermists. 
My name is Sarah, I'm 34 and I make my artwork part-time. During 'working hours' I am an academic in an unrelated field. 
In April 2020 I created Atypical Curiosities as a place to share my alternative artwork. Many of my pieces are Entomology inspired, yet I also make oddities, nature themed artwork and some anatomy pieces. 
For reviews of my work please see here